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“Lately, I have been thinking a lot about people in tribes, teams, gangs, or parties. When people get together around a person, place, thing, or idea, they are a lot more powerful, but also become less relatable to people with opposing ideas. This causes us to divide or pick a side to fight on, and we forget that we are all brothers and sisters in the end. When someone is hurt or in trouble, all the sudden we ban together to help and our groups abruptly disappear. This is proof to me that when it comes down to it, we will always put humanity first. My mission right now to remind everyone around me of this simple truth: we have more in common than we think.” – Oliver Jones






“One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t ask why nobody did this, admit you are the nobody first.” Our society has an imbalance between the sheer number of challenges that we face, and the capacity of our current leaders to address them. This isn’t the fault of any individual person or group of people, but we all have a responsibility to overcome this imbalance. To create change we have to collaborate, share accountability, and listen to those most affected by these challenges. My vision for change in Las Vegas and Nevada is centered on using my skills for the public good in the areas of creating open governments, building inclusive decision-making processes, and ensuring our communities are climate-adaptable in an upcoming era of incredible uncertainty. I’m working on the state and local levels to expand early childhood education programs, strengthen college and career pathways, and helping local organizations learn how to effectively create and use data.” – Aaron Krolikowski 



“I believe change making can seem really difficult or even impossible to most people. Most of us think we have the idea but getting to the final product usually is the biggest test for any individual depending on how big of a picture we are trying to paint. Fortunately, I grew up with parents and great people around me to understand that it is not impossible. It just takes time, experience and help from others. This may seem cliche but it is with this mentality that allowed me to eliminate the obstacles I stated earlier and attack my goals in a more conscious or effective way. 

I am a big music enthusiast. I make music, play music, watch music and collect music. I wanted to somehow find a platform where I could share my love for music with others around me, in a non-digital way (person to person). As much as I looked in the city of Las Vegas, I could not find a place that offered this. I waited and waited, but nothing. After some time, I decided that since I couldn’t find it I will take on the mission to start my own platform called ‘The Rabbit Hole’. A place where musicians, creatives, music producers and music enthusiasts can come together and share each others music on a very conscious level. In our five years of existence, we have accomplished creating this platform and have received an overwhelming response from our community. We have gone to also start a record label called ’24 Karrot Records’ where we can release artists music in a professional manner. My mission for ‘The Rabbit Hole’ is to continue developing artists in need with opportunities like branding/marketing, experience in performing live, and most of all provide a platform where they can be heard. With a machine like ‘The Rabbit Hole’ behind them, their confidence, motivation and inspiration grows exponentially helping to grow the music culture in Vegas more and more to an organic level and not just focused on the commercial side. My plan is to not stop here and hopefully find a way in the future to find funding to start a school and hold classes for younger music producers in the valley.” – Lucas Ybarra



“We live in a world of over consumption. A fast-paced, digitally-driven society where we consume more than we create. Our quality of life and happiness is directly influenced by that which we consume – especially social media. It’s a tool powerful enough to create change on a macro level. I’m on a mission to empower creators to deliver positive media through podcasting and content marketing. The values that drive my work are to love, impact, and teach. Out of these 3 principles, L.I.T. Media was born. The creators I connect with and content I create with must align with these principles. By being resolute in these core values, it’s easy to operate with integrity and surround myself in a community of passionate creators. In a world where the media can be cynical, I create change by advocating positive content, learning opportunities, and impactful storytelling.” – Desiree DeCosta Benjelloun