D-Well is a co-living residence for changemakers in the Las Vegas community that is looking for individuals with a strong social mission that are community-driven and want to live and collaborate together. We are a project of Communitas America and have found a partner in the Downtown Project to house our changemakers.

We define changemaker as a person who is tackling various social issues and trying to resolve them in innovative ways. We are looking for local business owners, social justice activists, scientists, artists and anyone who is passionate about creating a change in Las Vegas. By taking part in our D-Well community, we believe our residents can build relationships that will lead to exciting collaborations that will improve the city.

At D-Well we believe it is important to foster relationships with local community members. We are constantly on the lookout for local Vegas changemakers that are passionate about Las Vegas and are looking to develop relationships that will lead to fulfilling collaborations. Our hope is that these relationships will enrich the lives of the residents and also improve our city.

We are interested in engaging local entrepreneurs who can help us develop rich and meaningful programming and activities for the residents. Our primary goals are to keep the residents involved in local issues and enjoy the wonderful entertainment and culture our community has to offer. 

Our residents are committed to bring positive social impact to the Downtown Las Vegas area through their own individual work and building community with local partners to make Las Vegas a more inclusive and diverse community for everyone. Residents receive a $200 dollars subsidy to participate in the program.


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