Marrying Technology and Theatre

I’m not an ordained minister or anything, so you can take this with a grain of salt, but– Ok, I don’t know if I like theater anymore. I don’t know if I ever did. I enjoy being on stage. I enjoy the rehearsal process, but going to see a show can be a real chore unless I have been drinking heavily. Because of this. I try to create theater that I would like to see, or that would move me, or make me feel strange. How do I make it so I like it? 

Let me do a brief history of theatre. We started under a tree, and now we are under blankets because we are chillin’ with Netflix. How do we connect them? Projectors! Boom performance art with the Ted Bundy tapes playing on the wall. Genius. Just kidding. Although projectors are not the new norm in a theater, something that I have been experimenting with is smart home technology.

I acquired a little intimate space (Thujones Theatre) that I turned into a black box theater over the summer, and with it being so small, I really wanted to get rid of the cords and booth. Literally, every professional I brought over to the space explained to me how they would wire it and set it up, and I told them I had already solved that problem with smart bulbs. That’s right. Look it up. Lights that us Bluetooth or wifi to connect to an app on your phone. There are also smart lights that have speakers built into them, so it’s a sound and light system all in the palm of my hand. 

Now I’m in the works of putting up a play about the present and future technology where the audience can only buy a ticket using cryptocurrency. For someone who thinks going to a show is a chore, this must sound like an impossible chore to you if you don’t have any cryptocurrency.  Although it may be limiting to our potential audience members,  I think the integrity of the idea is more important. I want to connect the tech world with theater by empowering them to spend their internet money on a midnight show in a weird abandoned building. I now pronounce you theatre and technology.

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