Why We’re Giving Away Our Marketing Course

My husband and I started our company  Powered By Nova in Fall of 2017. At our company, we believe so much that knowledge should be abundant and education should always be free. In our business practice, we strive to give our potential and current clients the most information we can to help you understand your business’ digital marketing. We will consult your business and tell you exactly what we believe you need to grow. We want there to be as little unknown lingo as possible. We want you to know exactly how we are marketing your business and the steps and strategies we are taking to get there.

As part of our social mission, it is our goal to deliver free educational content that empowers current business owners and kickstart aspiring entrepreneurs. There are too many businesses that we see getting it all wrong. There are simple fundamentals these businesses have neglected. So every marketing dollar they spend is basically being flushed down the toilet until they get back to the basics of their marketing message.

I hear it all the time, maybe it was the discount code that didn’t work, or the freebie promotion that really didn’t work to drive any more sales. I’ve seen enough bland marketing campaigns that fail to trigger any emotion that inclines people to become customers.

This is the most important question: Do you know your customers well enough to know what makes them emotionally driven to purchase your product or service?

We created Marketing Essentials to take you through the process of building a meaningful brand and bringing it to life in your digital marketing endeavors. It’s designed for bootstrap business owners like you and me, who aren’t afraid to get out of our comfort zones, take on a challenge, and learn every essential component to marketing their business.

This course will help guide your approach to marketing your business in a digital world. We’ll dive deep into questions, so we hope you’re pumped! These essentials to marketing have stood the test of time, while technology is quickly changing and the way we distribute information and conduct transactions, the science behind these essentials has stayed the same.

The course takes approximately 1 hour to complete. When you complete the course we will offer you a complimentary 30-minute consultation call, which we will conduct a brief digital audit, identify a digital strategy, and offer our support for any questions you might have.

Check out the course here!

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