Mindfulness and Meditation with Brent Buffone

What is your most important takeaway from mindfulness and meditation?

When practicing meditation, you find your center through your breath. 


What do you like to teach your students during yoga?

In yoga, we have a posture which is called Sukhasana: “Pleasant Pose.” You simply sit cross-legged with a straight spine and bring a smile on your face. Yoga comes from the root word “yug” which means “to join.” The significance of this is that Yoga helps to bring in unison the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Mantra-Yoga-Meditation is a way to gain control over one’s breath, body, and mind. When you sit in Sukhasana, and bring a smile onto your face, you come into a contented space. I’ll tell my students, “Go to your happy place.” They chuckle, because it’s cheesy to say something like that, but that’s why I say it! 


What are some mindfulness practices that you use?

I try to center myself through my breath, straighten my spine and go to my happy place. I have moments throughout my day where I feel down, and I know that I am able to have an effect on my emotions. Sometimes the sadness is too deep to bring a lasting happiness to radiate through your being immediately. But even in sadness, you are able to muster a smile on your face, then you begin to focus on things you are grateful for, the power that you have to do good in the world, for yourself, and happiness begins to permeate through your pores. 

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