Microliving and Co-working in Downtown Las Vegas


It’s not for everyone, but it may just be for you.

When you step inside my studio apartment here at The 211, it’s a whole 217 square feet that’s occupied by my husband and I. This studio doubles down as our conference room, bedroom, living room, and bathroom, and there’s even enough room for a tiny closet space. We launched our company Powered By Nova in September of 2017 and have been working on our business from home ever since.

Our lifestyle requires us to spend a lot of time working from home or in places of convenience where we can buckle down with great wifi and grind on our laptops. As a start-up we can easily find ourselves working 10-12 hour days. Our work environment must foster a flow of productivity. Micro living has allowed me to become ultra focused and simplify areas of my life for increased efficiency.




When it comes to the perks of micro-living, convenience is a huge factor. The convenience of waking up and being able to go to the fitness center for a quick run, then going to the terrace for some writing and reflection, then being able to jump right into work, all while staying within the comfort of your residential complex. Not to mention, the time saved with no commutes. There’s also the convenience of always knowing your studio is only a few blocks away when you want to turn in after a night out.

A smaller place means lower maintenance in terms of house chores. I have noticed the drastic time I am saved when I am able to spend a whole 5 minutes cleaning and have a spotless studio, rather than hours of rummaging through junk.

The minimal space forces me to cut back on my material belongings and truly consider what I hold on to. I love that more of my belongings have meaning and longevity, rather than storing clutter that I have forgotten about.




Living in a tiny space forces you to get out of your comfort zone in many forms. You can’t just live in 217 sq. ft all day, and not expect to go insane.

Communal areas offer additional space as well as spontaneous grounds to meet new people, spark up a chat, and increase opportunities of collaboration. This becomes a powerful community-building resource that is fostered organically.

On many occasions when I want to change up my work environment, but still stay close to home, I get comfy in one of these hammocks, or grab a seat at the balcony terrace overlooking the neon lights of downtown.

When I feel like changing my environment completely, there’s the entirety of downtown Las Vegas to seek out a perfect work space for my mood from chill cafes to high volume casinos. Although I live in a micro-studio apartment, these areas truly make me feel as if I am living and working in a space larger than just a couple hundred square feet.


Here Are Some Great Co-Working Spaces:


Container Park

Family-friendly by day and 21+ by night, Container Park allows for a dynamic environment that offers a variety of co-working moods. You can immerse yourself in the middle of everything happening on the ground floor with an abundance of seating options, or in contrast, tuck yourself away with seating options away from the noise on the upper levels, there’s even a treehouse!



Probably the go-to coffee shop downtown for setting up meetings and extreme productivity. There’s the extra layer of convenience when it comes to nearby parking and ensuring that your meetings are well-accommodated. The fact that PublicUs serves a variety of healthy options and local-brewed coffee drinks makes it a hot spot for many.


The Market

One of the neighborhood groceries, but also a great breakfast spot that makes for another prime location for business meetings and co-working. The Market is located just a block over from Container Park, however it offers a much different experience as it is much smaller and enclosed. Expect the vibes of a coffee shop, plus grocery, plus library all combined.  




But of course, there’s more to life than work… and living downtown, there’s always something happening that allows you to break away from work and de-stress at a moment’s notice. With an event always around the corner, there’s ease in maintaining the right work-life balance.


Here Are A Few Awesome Spots When You’re Trying To Get Away From Work:


Atomic Liquors 

Coming down Fremont Street, you can’t miss the loud iconic neon sign of Atomic Liquors. Recently renovated to increase capacity, this dive bar is known to be a part of downtown Las Vegas history holding the “first package liquor license and off-sales permit in the city: #00001.” Aside from amazing history, his bar offers a time-tested selection of brews and traditional liquor drinks, with an atmosphere that hardly disappoints.



“A dance club for people that don’t like dance clubs. A place for everybody, that not everybody will understand.” A quote pulled directly from the establishment, and what may be the best summary of Oddfellows. This bar/dance club embraces the definition of weird. As you enter, you pass a rather normal bar top, but venture in a bit further and you will find diner seating equipped with Ouija boards for you and your friends to play at your leisure. At the end of the hall you are greeted by Satanic artwork. And behind the bookshelf-concealed door opens the dance floor and a second bar area, because why not.



If you’re looking for something closer into the heart of the Fremont Street experience, my favorite go-to bar is Commonwealth. Vintage vibes and modern music combines the best of both worlds. Their rooftop terrace overlooks the energetic streets of downtown.




Let me not forget to mention the abundance of street art. There are many murals by local artists that line the streets of downtown – perfect for a creative stroll whether it’s day or night.

If you love the excitement and randomness of downtown, then you’ll love that once a year, downtown is transformed for the Life Is Beautiful festival and if you live at The 211, you will be right in the heart of it all. You are treated to a free 3-day general admission pass to the festival – just another major perk to living downtown. The Life is Beautiful festival becomes part of your home for that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It gets a bit noisy, but embrace the music, food, and art installments and you’ll have yourself an unforgettable experience.




At the end of the day, finances play the heaviest role as a decision factor of your living situation. The 211 apartments range in price from $650 to $850+. Considering the rise of rental prices in the Las Vegas valley in the past 12 months, the prices that The 211 offers creates an affordable housing choice. The apartment complex has partnered with D-Well, which offers a program for entrepreneurs and change-makers in the community to network, work/live amongst each other. To help support their endeavors, D-Well residents receive a subsidy of $200 which is deducted from the monthly rent. For more information and to apply, visit this link.

Being a part of the D-Well program has allowed me to create close-knit relationships with downtowner badasses looking to leave their mark on the world. My fellow D-Wellers have inspired to me keep working hard at our business, push to better myself everyday, and to explore new interests. With so many creative minds, I have seen amazing collaborations come to fruition and I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic family.




“I really like it here. not gonna lie the small units can be challenging but to not have to worry about bills and being a block away from Fremont being able to work outside in the courtyard makes it all worth it. My favorite spots are container park, atomic, hogs and heifers and red” – Ronnie Pless

“Umm it’s obvious…. drinking and being able to walk home. Also if I make the wrong outfit choice I can go home and change.” – Daiga Celmalniece

“I love how close it is to Container Park and the Fremont Street Experience!” – Orville Baroya


[Written by Desiree de Costa]

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